Have You Decided On A Private Education For Your Children?

2 March 2018
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Are you disillusioned by the education your children are receiving at public school? Perhaps you are unhappy with the fact that classes are too large, or you might be unhappy about the curriculum that is used. It might even be that your children have never attended school, and you are planning ahead to send them to a private school. As you decide on which school you want your children to attend, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Curriculum - As you visit schools be frank with the school director. Explain the kind of curriculum you are looking for for your children and even ask if you can look at textbooks that will be used in your children's classes. For example, if you want your children to have a Christ-based learning experience, find out if things like the science books support what you are teaching your children at home. Are scriptures part of the curriculum? For example, as your children study things like animals, will the book of Genesis be part of the curriculum? As they study geography, will the countries where Jesus and his disciples walked and lived be studied?

The Extras - Of course, there's more to school than studying. As you visit different private schools find out what the extra curricular activities are. If you want your child to participate in sports, be sure that there is a strong sports program for them. Do you want them to be in things like choir or Spanish clubs? If so, be sure that those extra curricular activities are available to your children. Consider telling the director of the school what your children's interests and strengths are. He or she might have wonderful counsel on which subjects and which extra curricular activities would be best for your children.

Your Involvement - Have you decided already to be a volunteer at your children's private school? If so, find out ahead of time what you need to have clearance to volunteer at the school. And, don't forget that grandparents are often very welcome to volunteer. If you or your parents would love to work one-on-one with children who have special needs, consider signing up to help in that department. If you have traveled to places like the Holy Land or Africa, let your children's teachers know of your experiences. You might be invited to tell about your experiences in those faraway lands.