Tips For Preschool Survival You Might Not Have Thought About

12 December 2015
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You know the basics of sending your child to preschool, like making sure they are potty trained and never sending your kid when they are sick. But, as a "newbie" preschool parent, you'll learn things as you make the journey that will make preschool so much easier for you and for your child. You can skip the learning curve with some of these parenting tips: 1. Don't sweat the small stuff. Read More 

5 Reasons You Should Care Whether Your Child’s Preschool Is Accredited

9 June 2015
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Currently, around 8.52% of preschools in the United States are accredited by various agencies. While there are many decent preschools that have not completed an accreditation process, there are many reasons for parents to look for schools that are currently accredited or are currently going through the process of accreditation. Alternatively, parents may want to encourage their child's current school to start the process of accreditation for the following reasons.  Read More