Time For Preschool? 5 Strategies To Help Your Child Have A Positive Experience

7 January 2019
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If your child is finally ready for preschool, take the time to get them – and yourself – prepared for the adventure. Preschool is the foundation for your child's entire education. Here are some strategies you can use to help your child get the most out of their preschool experience.

Meet the Staff Members Early

If your child hasn't spent much time away from you, they may not be prepared to be cared for by unfamiliar people. You might not be prepared for that either. To make sure that the transition to preschool goes smoothly, take the time to meet staff members early. As soon as you sign your child up for preschool, take them into the center so that they can meet the staff and get a look around at their new surroundings. That way, they know who all their caregivers will be before the first day of preschool arrives.

Practice Your Daily Routine

If your child's daily routine is going to be considerably different than it is right now – such as you're going back to work after a long hiatus – start practicing early. You don't want to completely change your routine on the first day of preschool. Instead, start practicing about a week or so before you head back to work and your child heads to preschool. Set your alarm and go through what will be your new routine. That way, when the first day of preschool arrives, your child will be a pro at preparing for the day.

Make the Goodbye's Short

If you've never left your child for a full day before, you may be tempted to spend time at the preschool facility saying lengthy goodbye's each morning. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily what's best for your child. To make sure that your child gets a good start each morning, make the goodbye's short and sweet. They may shed a few tears for the first few days, but once you leave the premises, they'll settle into their surroundings.

Create Your Own Activity Station

If you want to make it easier for your child to continue their learning at home, create their own activity station. Your child will enjoy educational activities at their own desk. Fill the area with plenty of educational tools including child-friendly pencils, crayons and safety scissors.

Set Aside Some Reading Time

If your child's preschool is like most, there will be plenty of reading opportunities throughout the day. To make sure your child is ready to sit and enjoy the reading circle, spend some time reading to your child each day.

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