Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Learn Another Language

24 November 2019
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It's true that English is widely spoken as either a first or second language all over the world, but if you are a young American, you can significantly broaden your horizons if you learn a foreign language at the same time that you keep up with your English. If your child is getting a bit older and ready to start taking learning seriously, here's why you might want to encourage them to enter a dual language immersion program to learn English and a second language at the same time.

The World Is More Diverse Than Ever

As time marches on, the world is becoming more diverse and progressive than ever before. While it's true that English can get you far in life, there are plenty of other languages like Spanish that will continue to gain in popularity even within the United States over the next few decades. Learning a second language from a young age will teach your child about the value of diversity and how to appreciate another culture.

Ensure Your Child Is Quick on Their Toes

When you teach your child a second language in a dual immersion program, he or she will have to learn to constantly juggle the two languages, depending on which lesson he or she is learning on any given day. The teachers might even switch back and forth between English and the second language within the course of the same lesson, just to teach your child to be able to adapt quickly to whoever they are speaking with. Your child may end up having greater problem-solving skills and will generally be quicker on their feet as a result.

An Appreciation for a Second Language Can Help Your Child With English Too

Most kids start learning English simply by listening to their parents talk or by watching TV and reading books. They might not necessarily understand the specific rules that govern English at first; they are simply just speaking and writing in the same way that everyone else is doing. 

But learning a foreign language often involves having to know complex rules like how to figure out the proper tense from the start. Learning this within a dual language program will make it even easier for your child to understand the rules of English once they switch back over.

Enroll your child in a dual language program today to get started. To learn more, contact a company like Tabula Rasa The Language Academy.