Tips For Enrolling Your Child In Dance Classes

9 October 2020
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Dance classes are an excellent activity for kids to participate in. Not only will your child learn to dance, but they will get great exercise, learn to work with others, and develop their sense of rhythm. But how do you decide what studio you want to enroll your child in and which classes they should take? Here are a few tips.

Watch some different dance styles, and see what your child likes best.

Kids don't always know how many different styles of dance there are, or they may not know which type of dance they would prefer to learn. Watch some videos of various dance styles with your child. Make sure you view plenty of tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance, as these are the more popular styles. Pay attention to your child's reactions. Is there a certain style they seem most excited to watch? Talk to them, too, and ask if there is a style that would prefer to learn over the others. Then, look for studios that offer this particular style of dance.

Visit in person.

Once you've identified studios that teach the style of dance your child wants to learn, make plans to visit those studios. Call the instructor, and ask if you can shadow a class. There are many dance studios that allow this, although there may be specific classes they want you to shadow. Bring your child with you, and pay close attention. Are the instructor and the other students friendly? Are the other students roughly the same age as your child? Would you feel comfortable with the length of the classes and how often your child would need to attend? Take some notes so you can compare what you see at various studios and schools.

Sign up for a class or two at first.

Before you enroll your child in a whole month or semester of classes, see if you can pay for just a single session or a week's worth of sessions. This way, you can make sure your child has a good time during their dance lessons. If they take a lesson or two and decide they would be happier learning a different style of dance, you won't be locked into a longer contract.

Dance classes can be excellent for athletic and social development. If you follow the tips above, you should be able to find a youth dance class for your child.